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Things to Consider Until the Event....

  • ❔ What would be possible if your team made and kept their promises?

  • ❔ How expert are your managers at holding people to account?

  • ❔ How well do you, your peers and managers keep their own promises?

  • ❔ What happens when a member of the team doesn't do what they said they would do? What do they do? What do their peers do? What does their manager do?

Tatyana Moshchenkov

Working with Dan opened up so many opportunities for me, including doubling my monthly income."

Derek Saraiva

I love that Dan gets people results without making it complicated. Do what Dan says and it will work. Period."

Perry Power

Since working with Dan, got my gym client 156 hot quality leads, 80% became trials, and over 50% of them converted into paying customers."